Pikes Peak Moving & Storage understands that getting through all the planning and details of a move can often leave you bewildered about how to get started. Here are some tips that will make your move so much easier:

What to do AHEAD OF TIME:

  • Let us know right away of any changes in phone number or contact information.
  • Pack up necessities in an overnight bag so you have what you need until you unpack.
  • Label cartons on their sides, not the top. Write your name and the room the box goes in.
  • Unplug all electronics: TVs, computer components, stereo, etc. before packers come.
  • Inform neighbors about semi-truck parked in front – ask them to please move their cars.
  • Our Move For Hunger Program donates non-perishable foods to Care & Share Food Bank. Let us know if you have food items you would like to donate.
  • Set aside these items: documents, passports, medications, purses, cell phones and chargers, keys, garage door openers, etc.
  • Cancel newspaper and milk deliveries and implement a change of address for your mail.
  • Prepare a furniture layout of each room at the new house to ensure proper furniture placement.
  • Get ready the night before movers are scheduled to arrive.
  • Get rid of anything not going to the new house before moving day.
  • Plants should be moved in your own vehicle because we cannot guarantee to move them safely. If asked to do so, we will be as careful as possible, but changes in temperature or other environmental conditions may cause them damage.
  • Defrost freezers and refrigerators ahead of time. If they have an automatic icemaker or water dispenser, make sure water to the appliance is shut off. Pack ice trays and any other loose items separately.
  • Unplug washer and dryer. If you have a gas dryer, a plumber should disconnect it.
  • All long-handled items should be taped together, like mops, brooms and rakes. Tape skis and poles together as well.
  • Empty out and clean BBQ’s and grills. Disconnect and remove propane tank, as we cannot move propane tanks.
  • We’re prohibited from moving any flammable items. If you have gasoline-powered lawnmowers and/or other such equipment, you must drain them of all gasoline and remove all surface grease and/or oil.
  • All moving boxes must be closed and sealed with tape.
  • If you are doing the packing, carefully pack all glass items, pictures, mirrors, etc.
  • Do not pack your items in trash bags. They break and your items will be damaged.
  • Pack small items in the appropriate sized boxes. The fewer trips the mover makes, the faster it goes.

What to do ON moving day:

  • Stay organized by stacking cartons.
  • All items not being moved should be clearly labeled and put in an empty room.
  • Put pets in a safe confined area so they don’t get out or climb into furniture being moved.
  • Make yourself available to movers to answer questions they may have regarding packing and moving your belongings.
  • Keep cleaning supplies and vacuum out for last minute cleaning at the end of the day.
  • Do a final walk-through with both packers and movers before they drive off.