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Packing Guide: How to Protect Your Breakables

Packing Guide: How to Protect Your Breakables

Pikes Peak Moving & Storage provides full service packing/unpacking services. However, if you decide to pack your items yourself, follow these pro tips.

PRO TIP: While the standard type of carton may be adequate for many household items, the dishpacks we offer are highly recommended for fragile items. They are extra sturdy and provide an additional level of protection for your breakables.

Packing Glassware, Flatware & China

Glassware and Crystal
Always wrap these pieces individually and never put one piece of glassware inside another. Glassware and crystal should make up the top layer of your carton and should be packed rim down. Especially fragile items should be packed in a separate carton surrounded by cushioning.

Plates and Flat China
Larger items should go on the bottom of the carton, smaller ones toward the top. Each piece should be wrapped individually with several pieces of newsprint. Next, wrap three-to-five previously wrapped plates together with a double layer of newsprint. Stand each bundle on its edge—never lay them flat. Add additional layers of crumpled paper between bundles. To create a second level, add another 3-to-4-inches of crumpled paper. Often, it’s helpful to add a cardboard divider between levels.

Wrap bowls individually and nest 2-to-3 together, then wrap as an entire package. Bowls should be placed on end or flat. Continue to add layers the same way you did for plates and china.

Glasses and cups
Individual wrapping is key. Cups with handles should be cushioned with another layer of paper. Pack with rims down, cushion and layer just like glassware or crystal.

Packing Other Breakables

Mirrors, Glass/Marble Tabletops, Pictures and Paintings

You should purchase special cartons for all but the smallest items in this category. Mirror and picture cartons can handle most of your items. Only one article should be packed in each carton. Consider professional crating assistance for oversized or especially heavy items such as tabletops.

Remove shade, bulb and harp assembly. Double wrap the bulb and harp assembly. Wrap the base and cushion it in a dishpack or similar box. For lampshades, select the carton size as close to the shade measurements as possible. Pack only one shade per container. Don’t use crumpled newsprint inside or around the outside of the shade. Glass lampshades and chandeliers should be professionally packed in sturdy crates.

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